Swedish Automobile NV seeks to sell Spyker after Saab bankruptcy

2008 Spyker C8 Aileron Logo

Though it might not affect the average person at all, quirky car enthusiasts everywhere will be lamenting this: Spyker may have just bought the farm. Due to Saab’s recent bankruptcy, parent company Swedish Automotive NV (Swan) is considering dissolving Spyker after Swan’s three chairpeople resigned over a funding conflict.

Swan’s CEO Victor Muller apparently disagreed with his fellow board members and this is the result. Currently the holder of a single priority share in Swan believed to be Vladimir Autonov is eligible to choose the replacement board members.

Swan began negotiations to sell Spyker for $41 million last September, but now says that this is not enough to keep Swan alive, therefore if they do not find additional funding, Spyker will go down the tubes in a (forgive me) Saabing Swan dive.

– By: Sawyer Sutton