Report: Volvo’s not bringing the V40 to the US, new XC90 supposedly due in 2014

Volvo V40 Teaser

Last December, we learned that Volvo was in the works to debut an all-new V40 estate at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. And according to some reports, word is that despite the hype, Volvo of US’s CEO, Stefan Jacoby, said that the V40 will skip the US market. The V40 was being pitched as Volvo’s answer to the BMW 1-Series and is set to be based off of the same platform that underpins the new S40 sedan, the Ford Focus and the Mazda 3 (from when Ford owned both Volvo and Mazda).

But that’s not all. Volvo wants to truly take a crack at competing against the leading competition. However, because Volvo apparently sold a measly 67,000 units when compared to BMW’s 306,000 figure, Jacoby added that Volvo at this time “cannot support marketing, sales, and service for a broad range of products.”

What does that mean? Volvo will probably follow through with their plans to eliminate the S40 and V50 wagon from the US lineup. Additionally, the C30 might receive the axe entirely. In place of some of the model deletions, is supposed confirmation—from Jacoby—that a new XC90 full-size SUV will arrive in the US by 2014.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CARandDRIVER