Report: Mini seeks to expand lineup, could see three more models soon

In a move that makes Mini look like a mental micro-niching Mercedes Benz, Kay Segler, Mini’s global chairperson, said that the company will be offering ten different models by the end of the decade. Currently there are seven models: the Cooper, Convertible, Coupe, Roadster (coming next month), Countryman, and Clubman, and new Countryman Coupe (1st quarter 2013). There might be a Mini minivan, a convertible crossover and a slantback crossover as well.

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This may sound asinine, but Mini’s US chair, Jim McDowell pointed out that while it may be down from 60% in 2008, 40% of Mini buyers customize rather than purchase dealer stock.

On average, the additional money spent is between $4-5K, making the average Mini price around $28,000. The base Mini ships for around $20,000; on top of that Mini sold a record breaking 57,511 cars in the US last year. There are currently 120 Mini dealers in the US, 10 new ones, and five more planned for 2014.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoNews