Hyundai Hexa Space Concept revolutionizes interior room

New Delhi’s Auto show has given us the DC Design Avanti, but there are slightly more down to earth concepts as well, such as this, the Hyundai Hexa Space HND-7 concept. Given that small minivans are merely appliances for soccer moms/dads and fleets, the food blender notation for the name isn’t out of place, but design language and minivan typically do not go together.

This car is no different, while it is not offensive like the Pontiac Aztek was, it is not interesting like the Hyundai Veloster is, except for one thing, the rear hinged sliding doors. This is not a production reality like the B-pillar less carbon E-Class Mercedes we announced earlier this week, but it keeps things exciting.

Inside there are eight seats, blue lights and other concept car excitements. The only real world prospect here is the 1.2 liter direct injection turbo four linked to a six-speed auto ‘box.

– By: Sawyer Sutton