Bajaj RE60 wants to steal world’s cheapest car title from Tata Nano

Bajaj RE60

Statistically amusing to the first world, but quite crucially to developing nations is the latest in cheap motoring: the Bajaj RE60.

The price is not out yet, but this 45-mph urban vehicle should undercut the Tata Nano’s $2775 base price. This drop in cost comes at the cost of performance: the 200cc unit in the Bajaj might be larger than that found in a leaf blower, but it’s a third of the size of the Nano’s engine. The Bajaj may only weigh 400kg compared to the Nano’s 600, but in this situation, the power to weight ratio advantage is only exciting on paper.

The RE60 seats four and sports a tiny turning circle of 3.5 making it potentially popular with Indian taxi drivers, many of whom currently operate auto-rickshaws.

– By: Sawyer Sutton