Report: Porsche CEO delays entry-level roadster project, hints at €300,000+ sports car

2010 Porsche 918 Concept

Not too long ago, Porsche’s CEO Matthias Mueller leaked word that the Zuffenhausen brand was in the works with an entry-level roadster that would slot itself below the Boxster. However, the approval and success of that project was dependent on the “economic” circumstances and climate. Now, apparently Porsche is delaying the project.

”Possibly we need to wait until the next generation of customers before the idea of a small roadster will work for Porsche,” said Mueller in an interview. Mueller also said that there was worry that the entry-level roadster could dilute the brand’s image. But interestingly enough, the new Cajun SUV isn’t doing that already?

Either way, the idea of this entry-level roadster is comes from Porsche’s desire to produce a succssor to the iconic Porsche 550—yes, the one that killed James Dean. If anything, Mueller apparently added that the model could see a 2014 launch.

On the other side of things, because Porsche is delaying this entry-level roadster project, Mueller said that the brand is considering a new sports car slotted above the 911. He hinted with details that it could cost between 300,000 to 400,000 euros. Not much else was said. But to me, that sounds like they’re coming out with a successor to the Porsche Carrera GT. Only time will tell.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews