General Motors’ Chief Technology Officer announces retirement after 43-year long career with GM

GM ex-Chief Technology Officer Tom Stephens

General Motors has been known to be one of the many leaders in automobile innovation and technology. Such examples include the brand’s hybrid technology, a wide range of advanced engine technologies and vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt.

But such things wouldn’t have happened without GM’s Vice Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Tom Stephens. And to cap a 43-year long career, Mr. Stephens announced that he will be stepping down from his position on April 1st, later this year—this is most likely not an April Fool’s joke.

“Tom Stephens is an engineering icon within our company and within our industry,” said GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson.  “We have all benefited greatly from his passion, wisdom, and commitment to product excellence.  His talent and contributions to GM are deeply appreciated and his expertise will be missed.”

Stephens held positions at Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, and several others before his last and final position as Chief Technology Officer, leading departments such as GM’s newly created GM Powertrain Division. And during those times, Stephens helped develop the first ever Cadillac Northstar engine, develop nearly all of GM’s advanced engine technologies today such as Displacement-On-Demand or “Active Fuel Management,” and GM’s plug-in hybrid powertrain, like in the Volt.

– By: Chris Chin