Report: Kia planning coupe, station wagon version of GT Concept

Kia GT Concept

The stunning Kia GT four door coupe unveiled at the ‘11 Frankfurt Auto Show may be offered as a 2013 model aimed squarely at the Audi A4/A5 sportback and even the equally fantastic A7.

Kia insiders reveal that the car may be offered not only as a four door coupe but also as a two door and even a wagon, priced very competitively with the aforementioned European offering.

The GT concept currently sports a 3.3 liter gasoline powered ‘six with 390 bhp hooked up to an eight speed automatic, this powertrain choice seems competitive with Audi’s offerings.

This might be a far and away offering for Kia, but ex-’Dub/Audi Peter Schreyer feels differently, since joining Kia in 2006 as their Chief Designer. Schreyer also voiced interest in building a Mazda MX-5 fighter, though this project is only in the musing stage it seems.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Inside Line