Report: Honda Civic-based SUV in the works for Europe

2012 Honda Civic Euro

Interested, perhaps distracted by the sucess of the Nissan Quashai compact crossover, Honda wants to jump in the game with a shrunken CR-V, which temporarily will be known as the Civic SUV until Honda publish a name for it.

Initially, the concept drew me some worry, thinking there might be some Mercedes-esque micro niching going on, perhaps pulling sales away from the CR-V, but in reality, it evokes thoughts of the kludgy looking and now sought after Civic 4WD Wagon.

This will be an interesting car to follow given that there aren’t strictly speaking, similar small and inexpensive four wheel drive cars on the market: no four wheel drive Focus, Cruze, Corolla etc. Except for maybe the Suzuki SX4.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoExpress