Fox Marketing tuned Nissan Juke makes 400-hp

Fox Marketing has recently announced that it has a new tuning program in the works for the Nissan Juke as part of its 12 year anniversary making custom creations.

Following the unauthorized Juke-R concept that was slyly crafted by Nissan UK, Fox Marketing comments “”When we first saw the Nissan Juke-R that Nissan UK built, we were blown away. But, to build a vehicle like the Juke-R you are talking a seven figure build budget.”

So to solve the cash shortage issue, Fox still used the inspiration to fuel a power upgrade that kicks 400hp out of the 1.6-liter engine with addition of a massive turbo and intercooler.

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A set of 20-inch wheels and 14 inch 6 piston calipers are included in the exterior mods, finished off by an aero package. On the inside, minor adjustments have been made, and a set of Yonaka racing seats replace the stock front seating.

– By: Alexandra Koken