Mercedes-Benz shows its 2012 CES plans

Mercedes Benz CES

A keynote is scheduled for January 10 for Mercedes-Benz USA, along with Daimler AG to showcase the brand’s current and upcoming technology, focusing on the mbrace2 communications platform.

Mbrace2 provides a multitude of features in the areas of information, entertainment, safety, automotive care and personal assistance. Within these areas, users can find cloud-based apps for navigation, traffic, concierge services, speech recognition and automatic crash notifications, just to name a few.

Connectivity is also a big area of concentration, with features like Send2Benz, which gives drivers to connect to their friend’s Benz’s and will navigate them to wherever they may be. Vehicle location, locking and unlocking features, plus valet parking protection are also among the included highlights.

The Mercedes-Benz technology also has an upcoming iPhone app called DriveStyle to turn phone features into car features.

This is some impressive innovation that certainly sparks curiosity of what could possibly be next.

– By: Alexandra Koken