Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid to debut at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Volvo may have recently mentioned a 124 mpg diesel hybrid V60, but that is coming out in Europe this year; the North American release is delayed one year most likely because of this: the gas hybrid XC60. This is apparently Volvo’s idea of the Chevy Volt: plug it in and it will do 30 mile before the gasoline power station kicks on.

For everyday hauling and cruising though, expect Jetta diesel-like economy 50 miles to the gallon and 600 miles of range. Essentially, we are looking at a more burly Prius with a more burly pricetag and slightly more mature interior appointments.

The car is set to be unveiled at this year’s Detroit Auto Show and pricing is unnanounced. Volvo has announced though that thanks to the gas engine and a 70 bhp electric motor, 350 bhp is offered up in all, good for a 5.8 second run to 60 miles per hour. Similar few other vehicles, wheels are powered in a push me-pull you format: the rear wheels are electric and the fronts are powered by a 2-liter 280 bhp turbo four.

Unlike the subtle V60 plug in hybrid, this car gets over the top 21” wheels, white exterior paint and blue leather seats; this seems to be Volvo’s idea of the American palate. The XC60 hybrid also gets a special Sensus infotainment system which helps the driver find charging points across the country and the route which will consume the least amount of energy.

– By: Sawyer Sutton