Report: Next Lexus ES will be the Buick LaCrosse ‘laughable’

Lexus ES

Buick definitely stepped in it when they named a North American car the “LaCrosse”, a French Canadian Freudian slip for masturbation, but now it seems that the innocuous offering may be in further trouble as the next Lexus ES is set to offer many things that the Buick doesn’t.

The expanding new ES, may just be a tarted up Camry, but Lexus (are rumored to) say that the car will be the quietest car that they have ever produced. Fuel economy is said to be impressive too with a hybrid version offering high 40s on the highway and touching the 50s in the city.

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The next ES is set to show up in dealerships as a 2013 model. Will this make GM kill off Buick in the way that Ford killed off Mercury? Probably not, but it will give them something to think about.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: GM Authority