Honda Civic Hybrid owners sue company over mpg outlook

Honda Civic Hybrid

A $10,000 lawsuit has been filed against Honda Motor Co. by a Los Angeles woman who claims her Civic Hybrid doesn’t meet its gas mileage outlook.

The claim was filed on Tuesday in American Honda headquarters city of Torrance, CA small claims court by 46 year old Heather Peters. Peters claims that the 50 mpg that her 2006 hybrid used to get has been reduced to 30 mpg, and sites battery deterioration as the cause. The former lawyer is looking to be reimbursed for additional fuel costs and the difference in purchase price between the hybrid and petrol Civic models.

While several class-action suits are being filed on behalf of Honda hybrid owners for the same reason, Peters decided the $200 cash payout and $500 – $1,000 towards a new Honda the suits are offering wasn’t satisfactory.

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Prior to Peters filing her lawsuit, she notified Honda in a letter of her intentions if she received no response from the automaker. After several attempts and no response, she proceeded to file, although according to Honda, no contact had been made until late November.

In addition to her suit, Peters also started a website, to encourage people in her situation do act as she has.

The case will be ruled by Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Douglas Carnahan this week.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoNews