Report: 2014 Ford F-Series pickup to get aluminum body panels

Ford F-150

With fuel economy regulations tightening, Ford automakers may have decided to swap out some of the materials it uses to build its F-150 full size pick up.

Currently, the F-150 averages 17mpg/city and 23mpg/hyway, but for 2016 this number has to hit a better mark. In order to do this, it is rumored that Ford will be looking to cut down on the 4685 lbs, which can end up close to 6500 after fluids, fuel and passengers. The 2014 F-Series, currently dubbed the “P552” could be replacing some of its steel body parts with aluminum.

“We know our customers, and it’s all about the truck being a tool and they want it to be more productive and more efficient,” said Doug Scott, Ford’s truck marketing manager to Wards Auto. “So we have to keep moving the needle if we want to be king of hill. We’re always looking at all the ways of doing that going forward and we have a great strategy.”

No comments have been made to confirm that the way they will be going forward will, in fact, be aluminum, however.

With many automakers doing just that, it still is a valid option for Ford, especially with GM leading the segment in weight-reduction.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: WardsAuto