Honda Fit receives bet overall value in Japanese Consumer Reports test

Honda FIt

Out of a broad range of 200 vehicles considered, Consumer Reports is putting the Honda Fit on top for not only the best value in small cars, but the best overall value, as well.

Vehicles were scored based on cost of ownership, performance and reliability in segments spanning from small cars up to luxury sedans. The data more specifically includes road-testing, five-year ownership costs, how well the models hold their value, insurance rates, finance interest rates, fuel economy, maintenance and repair costs and reliability.

“A low price doesn’t necessarily make a car a good value,” said Rik Paul, automotive editor at Consumer Reports. “A cheap vehicle can wind up costing you more money over time or can be disappointing down the road. We think real value is what you get for your money.”

The Fit wasn’t the only car Japanese automakers had on the top of the Consumer Report’s lists, with the majority of the top values coming from Japan. Additionally, 34 of the 48 best values are from Japanese automakers, while 5 come from the U.S., 3 are South Korean, and 6 are European.

Eleven segments were included in the evaluation, which include family sedans, small cars, sports cars, wagons, minivans, luxury sedans, small and mid-sized SUV’s, large and luxury SUV’s, and full and compact sized pickups. In general, hybrids tend to retain their value and score high, while SUV’s usually do better than minivans because of minivans low reliability.

Out of all of the categories, small cars and family sedans rank highest in value, with the Golf TD, Scion xD, and Toyota Prius hybrid making the list.

While the Honda Fit did the best for small car value, the Chevrolet Cruze 1LT did the worst. As for the upscale and Luxury class, the Lexus ES350 has the best value. The small SUV segment was led by the Toyota RAV4.

– By: Alexandra Koken