U.S. government expiring tax credit for EV charging stations

Chevrolet Volt Charging Up

As automakers quickly push to get plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles to dealerships, the government is expiring a tax credit for installing home and commercial charging stations. A credit for chargers ends on Saturday, even as some people push Congress to reinstate it.

“The timing of this couldn’t be more unfortunate,” said Genevieve Cullen, vice president of the Electric Drive Transportation Association, a trade group for the electric-vehicle industry. Tom Saxton of Plug In America said that the credit was creating an opportunity for growth in the new industry.

The tax credit allows taxpayers to cut the cost of chargers installed in their garages by 30 percent . On commercial units, the tax break is up to $30,000.

The cut was already down from 2010, when the credit was a 50 percent part of the government’s stimulus package.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: USAToday