Honda Civic Si, Volkswagen Jetta GLI get Consumer Reports ‘Recommended’ rating

Volkswagen Jetta GLI

Recently, angsty consumers and of course ‘the internet’ have not been kind to the new and perhaps uninspired Honda Civic; there is some hope though as Consumer Reports has just awarded the sportier Civic Si the “recommended” designation.

The news comes from a comparo between the Si and the VW Jetta GLI; though many feel that the GLI is no longer the sedan version of the spicy Golf GTI, it still outscored Honda’s offering in the test.

“The Civic Si has a great powertrain, but it needs a better car wrapped around it,” said David Champion, sr. director of Consumer Reports Automotive Test Center.

This may sum it up for most individuals looking to buy a normal Civic. CR cited simple ergonomic gambles Honda took when reinventing the previously successful Civic: the stereo is controlled by a single knob, which CR said is “tedious”. They also said that despite all of the glass, good head and knee room, there is not enough space for the driver’s right leg, thanks to a swollen center console. On a positive note, the Si gets 29 miles to the gallon, and according to CR, the engine is relaxed for everyday driving, offering excellent low end torque and exciting power at high revs.

It is important to point out that the GLI is not recommended by Consumer Reports just yet as it has not been out long enough for them to determine reliability.

– By: Sawyer Sutton