Ford Ranger production ends after 28 long years

Ford Ranger Production

This past week, Ford produced its very last Ford Ranger Sport compact pick up model, 28 years after the its first rolled off the line.

Ford’s Twin Cities Assembly plant in St. Paul, Minnesota was responsible for building the pick up, and nothing else, along with its 880 employees.

Along with the Ranger, Ford’s Cologne V-6 is also retiring after 49 long years, with 25 million units produced. So far, the models’ predecessor will not be released in the U.S., leaving American consumers with the F-150 option for the segment.

Launched in 1983, the Ford Ranger spent the years from 1987 to 2005 as the U.S.’s best selling compact truck, with a total of 7 million made. Sales were on the decline after that, with only 55,364 units sold last year, compared to the 348,358 figure for 1999.

– By: Alexandra Koken