Report: Toyota to cut back its 2012 sales target

2012 Toyota Camry

With sales declines in Europe, Toyota has adjusted its previously anticipated sales number for 2012 of 8.9 million worldwide, down to 8.65 million.

If the target is hit it will still break Toyota’s previous record from 2007 of 8.53 million, and 20 percent higher than this year’s anticipated figures.

Productions plans for 2012 should be finalized and suppliers will be notified of the change by next week.

Toyota also experienced a dip in sales this year due to the natural disasters in both Thailand and Japan, producing 700,000 units less than anticipated.

Even though demand has dropped in Europe, Toyota is seeing an increase in demand in both Asia and South America, and is opening up new production plants to meet these needs. Entry level cars starting at roughly $13,000 USD are in the works for these growing markets, as well.

Production for Japan should remain at the current 3 million units to avoid Japanese tonnage taxes and to help move forward with eco-car subsidies.

Photo Copyright © Omar Rana – egmCarTech.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Automotive News