Report: Nissan debating on what its 4th EV model should be

Following the launch of the all-electric Nissan Leaf, the automaker declared that it is planning to launch three additional EV’s to join it. In addition to the Leaf, Nissan has decided to release an electric model for commercial use as a van or taxi, and a luxury sedan for Infiniti, leaving one spot left open for debate.

So far, there are three viable options the automaker has to go with. One is an electric sports car, as seen with the Esflow Concept, which may excite enthusiasts but is not likely to pull in the volume Nissan is looking for EV number 4 to do. Another alternative is to create an electric crossover, like the Townpod EV Concept, the small minivan that provides easy access to the abundant cargo space. This is a popular segment in the U.S., and some Nissan executives think this may be the best option.

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Lastly, a city car that measures up somewhere between a Smart car and a Versa is an option. While Nissan has no intentions of making its own version of the Smart, something a bit larger is still in consideration.

The Pivo 3 concept follows up 2007’s Pivo 2 and is a 3 seater with 4 wheel-mounted batteries to power it. While this model is under consideration for production it has been determined that it will not be the number 4 EV.

“It will be a city car,” declares Andy Palmer, who as Nissan Motor Co. executive vice president for vehicle planning and program management holds considerable sway over the decision. “It will be in the A/B segment. The car would have to be low-cost. It would be a vehicle where you could potentially accept less range, so you could have a smaller battery. And that would bring the price down.”

If that comment isn’t grey area enough, considering it applies to all three options, Nissan North America has hinted that the fourth EV may not only be for U.S. markets, but may be for the global market. While a crossover would probably be most successful in the U.S., a city car would do better in more regions worldwide.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Automotive News