Report: Mazda plans on bringing all-electric vehicle to U.S. by 2018

2011 Mazda2 Hatchback

New reports suggest that Mazda is planning to introduce an all-electric vehicle in the United States by 2018. Currently, Mazda is leasing the Mazda2 EV subcompact in Japan on a trial basis – the company says it needs an electric vehicle to meet California emissions guidelines before bringing an EV to the states.

The Mazda2 EV runs on a lithium-ion battery and has a range of 124 miles on a full charge. It is capable of hitting a top speed of 87 mph.

“At least by 2018, but we will try to do it earlier,” said Chief Engineer Mitsuru Fujinaka. “Sooner or later, we will have to have these electric vehicles. Otherwise, we can’t sell in California. That is the biggest reason for pursuing this.”

The electric Mazda2 prototype vehicles can charge in 30 minutes using a fast charge system and 8 hours through a 200-volt slow charge.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoNews