Humvee vehicles being redesigned, proposed design includes a chimney

Miliatry Humvee

During the Cold War, the amazingly strong Humvee was designed for versatility and not for withstanding IED blasts or roadside bombs. For that reason, Humvees eventually became replaced by MRAP vehicles (mine resistant ambush protected) because they can take a strong hit.

However, MRAPs are expensive, fuel-thirsty, prone to tipping over, and too heavy for a ride in a helicopter.

But now, AMG General and engineers at Maryland-based hardwire are working on a new Humvee vehicle that is capable having many new safety features. A proposed design includes a structural blast chimney that directs forces up through vehicle’s roof. That allows the Humvee to be blast-resistant, easy to drive and easy to lift.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: CARandDRIVER