Rumor: BMW X6 M550d to make 381-hp, 545 lb-ft of torque

Ten years ago even after copious libations, the following mess of alphabet soup would probably still rattle most car enthusiasts: BMW X6 M550D. Today certainly purists accusing BMW of selling out scoff at the notion which now seems a tick closer to reality: there will probably a turbodiesel BMW SUV in the form of the X6. Disclosure: I am among those purists as an E30 owner. My favorite BMWS look like an ‘80’s nerd fest of toasters and electronics, next to the rumored M-badged X6 teased here last week.

This new X6M’s powerplant though also blows many M cars even out of the water and puts BMW’s older fuel-sippers to shame. 0-60 comes in under five seconds and 38 miles to the gallon also happens in the case of next year’s Euro-only M550D X-Drive (0-60 happens in 4.7s in the teased car). The powerplant, which let’s be honest is the whole point of this car is good for 381 bhp and 545 ft-lb of torque. In keeping with the current theme of smaller is better, the engine only has six cylinders, but has three turbochargers, most likely accounting for the high efficiency and power.

BMW has not been extensively vocal about the diesel X6M, but if the past is any indication, there will only be an automatic ‘box in a world with the admittedly less powerful but cheaper and more practical 3-door Range Rover Evoque diesel, which right now only comes with a six-speed manual. Just a thought.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: BMWBlog