Volvo celebrates 50th anniversary of P1800 with sketches of a modern day take on the car

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of its P1800, Volvo’s design director Christopher Benjamin drew up sketches what he things a modern day version of the car might look like. For those unfamiliar with the P1800, you’re probably not as big of a car enthusiast you thought.

The Volvo P1800 was a very attractive 2+2 coupe that first debuted in 1961 and was later followed up with a hatchback version. In its day, the P1800 was more of a grand tourer than a sports car.

The sketches drawn up by Benjamin still encompass that take but take the P1800 form 1961 to 2011.

No word on whether Volvo plans on producing a concept or production version of the P1800 but we’d definitely like to see one. The pictures are up on Volvo’s Facebook for public feedback.

– By: Omar Rana