Honda CEO upset with Crosstour sales, promises to make it better

2012 Honda Crosstour

While Honda‘s CEO Takanobu Ito said at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show that he takes personal responsibility for the redesigned 2012 Civic’s poor reception and sales performance in the United States, American Honda CEO Tetsuo Iwamura said that he’s surprised by the slow sales of the Crosstour crossover.

“In the case of the Crosstour, I’m really disappointed because that’s a nice car, [with] very beautiful styling, and it gives very good driving performance as well as packaging. But yet, we went a bit too far.”

So far this year, the company has sold just 16,679 units of the Honda Crosstour in the United States through November 2011 – that’s down 36 percent from the 25,927 it sold by that point in 2012. Honda had originally wanted to sell 40,000 units annually.

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Iwamura said the vows to bring “further refinement of styling and performance” to the Crosstour model.

We look forward to it.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoBlog