Stealthy looking Anderson Germany Ferrari 599 gets 674-hp

Anderson Germany Ferrari 599

While the Ferrari 599 is arguably a thing of beauty right out of the factory, some still prefer to customize their vehicles, no matter how special the model may already be. Tuning house Anderson Germany has just released its take on the 599, with a fairly well executed package.

The exterior has been given a coat of black paint with red piping that runs up the center of the supercar. A set of 21-inch black wheels with red accents match the body paint, with red calipers. An aero kit crafted from carbon fiber has been fitted to the outside, as well.

Ferrari isn’t exactly shy when it comes to performance, but Anderson Germany still kicked up the V12’s output to 674-hp with an ECU upgrade and a new sports exhaust system. The 599’s 0-62mph time has been cut down to just over 3 seconds.

Inside, the black and red theme is continued, but not overdone, and features quilted red leather surrounded by black leather with contrast red stitching. Carbon fiber replaces the standard door handles and sill, center console, and gearshift.

Perhaps the interior could be toned down to match the subtlety of the exterior, but on the whole this is a respectable package from Anderson.

– By: Alexandra Koken