Volvo to add more than 10,000 employees by 2020

According to Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby, the company will add more than 10,000 employees to reach its goal of selling 800,000 units annually by 2018.

“By then, we will have to increase our headcount to 33,000 – 35,000 employees,” Jacoby said in a interview with Automotive News Europe.

The company currently employs 24,000 employees worldwide, with 16,000 of those in Sweden. Jacoby said that most of the additional employees will be in China, where the company currently employs 1,000.

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Volvo aims to sell 200,000 units in China by 2020 – up from the estimated 49,000 in 2011. Jacoby said that a new factory will open in China (in Chengdu) in 2013, which will have a capacity of 150,000 units and about 3,000 employees.

Any sign of a slowdown? Jacoby says: “There is no sign of a slowdown. Our order books are filled up until spring 2012,” the CEO said.

Jacoby said  Volvo has a global sales goal of between 430,000 and 440,000 units this year.

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News