GM to offer Chevy Volt owners a free loaner until NHTSA probe is complete

Following the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s announcement that it will open a formal probe into the Chevrolet Volt this past weekend, General Motors today announced its plans for customer satisfaction and battery safety research to ensure confidence in Volt.

“The agency advised GM on Friday that it would open a preliminary evaluation of Volt battery assemblies after NHTSA test results caused electrical fires up to three weeks after an initial vehicle New Car Assessment Program side pole crash test,” GM said in a statement.

Mark Reuss, president, GM North America, said the company would take every step to assure the driving public of GM’s commitment to the safety of the Volt.

“The Volt is a five-star safety car. Even though no customer has experienced in the real world what was identified in this latest testing of post-crash situations, we’re taking critical steps to ensure customer satisfaction and safety,” Reuss said.

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Reuss reminds us that the question at hand is about dealing with the battery pack days and weeks after a severe crash, making it a matter of interest not just for the Volt but for every electric-car out there.

In the mean time, to keep customers satisfied GM will allow any Volt owner concerned about safety can contact his or her advisor to arrange for a free GM vehicle loan until resolution of the issue.

“A vehicle loan program of this nature is well beyond the norm for a preliminary investigation, and it underlines our commitment to the vehicle and its owners,” he said. “These steps are the right ones to take regardless of any immediate impact on our operations.”

– By: Omar Rana