Delavilla’s R1 is a widebody Porsche Cayman capable of 420-hp

French tuning company Delavilla has been tuning Porsche models since they were established back in 2007. One of its latest projects is the Cayman R1, with a Cayenne, Panamera, and Speedster in the works.

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The Delavilla’s Porsche Cayman R1 was released at the 2011 Lyon International Motor Show, with its most noticeable feature, its wide body kit. The kit adds 4.7-inches in width in front and 7.1-inches at the rear, with front and rear bumpers, side panels, and fenders. LED daytime running lights are included with a set of alloy wheels, and quad tail pipes. Additional upgrades and options are available. Interior upgrades are minor, with Alcantara trim and bucket seats.

But of course, the most exciting parts are the changes under the hood. Delavilla is offering three different kits that increase output to 340-hp, 385-hp and all the way up to 420-hp outputs. The 420-hp output pack is reserved only for track use.

– By: Alexandra Koken