Firm puts together list of most profitable vehicles ever

2012 Ford F-150

Ever wonder what the most profitable vehicles are of modern times? Well, while many of you probably don’t care it’s still something nice to know. Bernstein Research in London has put together a list of the top global money makers since 1990 and the list isn’t really all that surprising.

Analyst Max Warburton says that the big winners consist of high price tags, huge volume and long periods of production the spread development cost of building the car over a long period of time. Warburton and his team found three categories of profitable vehicles including Japanese mid-sized sedans, German luxury cars and of course, American full-sized pickups.

Not surprisingly, American pickups were the really big money makers with their huge volume. German vehicles like the BMW 3 and 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz S Class and E Class and the Porsche 911 came in second. Japanese sedans had the toughest times to high profits due to their low price points.

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Bernstein Research’s 12 most profitable vehicles since 1990.

1. Ford F series
2. GM full-sized pickups
3. Dodge Ram
4. Mercedes S class
5. BMW 5 series
6. BMW 3 series
7. Mercedes E class
8. Lexus RX SUV
9. Jeep Grand Cherokee
10. Honda Accord
11. Porsche 911
12. Toyota Camry

Source: Automotive News