Following sluggish sales, Tata Nano gets some upgrades

Tata Nano

With sales numbers much lower than anticipated for the car, Telsa has made some changes to the Nano and its variants that add a lot more features to each trim level.

India’s most fuel efficient car is getting better gas mileage, greater color options, and improved interiors. In addition, the car boasts the best fuel efficiency, best air conditioning, and lowest CO2 emissions in the country.

Tata also upgraded the suspension in the car, added an anti-roll bar, and gave it a new, louder exhaust. The Standard version now has the breaks available on the CX and LX, both of which come with tip-tap mirrors on the driver and passenger side. All models get a new interior, and exterior colors come in up to 10 options.

Tata Motors has sold around 130,000 Nanos since the car was launched in April 2009.

– By: Alexandra Koken