Report: BMW will offer new 3-Series diesel in U.S., but not right away

Though some say the F30 BMW 3 Series, i.e. the new one has grown up slightly too much, the powerplants are unlikely to disappoint especially in today’s economy. So far the Euro-spec 328i (turbo ‘four instead of a naturally aspirated ‘six) gets 44 mpg, rendering similarly priced US market hybrids pointless, but it doesn’t end there. BMW will be offering the four-pot diesel in the US, though the timing is uncertain at this point.

This means 60 mpg is possible in an already much-anticipated car. Certainly the diesel 3er would make the ActiveHybrid 3er pointless to the minds of some prospective customers, and it may be for this reason that BMW chose to introduce the diesel later.

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Naturally emissions controls and politics could change the tune of the US cars, but a BMW insider has confirmed that the 320d is eventually bound for US shores. In the past, BMW offered the 335d in limited form: 4 doors, rear drive only and an automatic transmission; $45 grand was the asking price, so it may seem obvious to some why it never made a huge splash over here.

Beyond the F30, the diesels may make their way into BMW’s SUV lineup and in the F10 (current 5 series).

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: CARandDRIVER