Dodge’s new compact will not be called Hornet

Dodge Hornet Concept

Chrysler seems to have realized that they are without a Civic fighter, a segment accounting for 15 of the US market and a quarter of Canadian car sales. In 2006, a fairly relevant concept seemed to address the powertrain associated with such a car.

What we got was the Dodge Nitro in 2007, which was the answer to a question few asked. What is the relation? Most media outlets have been calling this new Corolla/Civic fighter a “Hornet”, which Chrysler has decided against.

The still unnamed compact will be developed wholly by Fiat, a first for Chrysler, though it will be badged as a Dodge at this point with no derivatives. A Caliber is a likely name.

The vehicle is likely to be revealed at next year’s Detroit show, but the name may be announced in the next few weeks, seeing as it will be a very important car for the brand.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Detroit News