Volkswagen eT! is an all-electric commercial mail van

Nissan has maintained quite a presence in commercial vehicles for more than 60 years now. The company is now showing us the future of commercial vehicles with a new concept called the eT!

The Volkswagen eT! Concept was developed in partnership with the German Post Office and offers a zero-emission solution for commercial vehicles.

“We analyzed process flows and customer needs in detail, and from these analyses we derived ideas on how the segment of delivery and courier vehicles could be further developed over the long term,” said Prof. Dr. Jurgen Leohold, Director of Volkswagen Group Research. “In this context, we focused on zero-emissions driving and available space in urban areas, semi-automatic driving functions that offer relevant support and simplify work processes and the integration of new communication technologies.”

The Volkswagen eT! Concept is making its debut at the Design Centre of Potsdam was specially designed for delivery of mail shipments of all types.

“eT! is a pure electrically powered transporter that systematically transfers E-mobility to the area of commercial use,” says Dr. Rudolf Krebs, Group Manager for Electric Traction at Volkswagen AG. And continues: “As a transport specialist, the eT! is advancing to become the automotive building block for an innovative, future-oriented logistics concept, which not only drives with zero emissions in urban areas – thanks to its electric wheel hub motors – but also offers maximum freedom in manoeuvering and turning as well as optimal utilisation of the vehicle’s interior space.”

I wonder if one day you’ll have to pay extra for EV shipping.

– By: Omar Rana