Report: Jaguar planning major AWD push before getting into hybrids

Based out of Stowe, VT, I’m personally smack dab in the middle of the snowbelt; Audis, Subarus, Benzes and BMWs are the bread and butter of everyday car culture. Though there is one brand missing from this equation though and with good reason: Jaguar. A town of 4,000 in rural Vermont might not seem all that important to the famous British marque, but it is a great indicator of the snowbelt, which demands all wheel drive, as indicated by Jag boss Adrian Hallmark:

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“In the past all-wheel-drive has meant Audi and Quattro, but now it is something that the market expects…In the snowbelt of America it accounts for 70 per cent of sales, and overall it accounts for 30 per cent of sales, so we are working on it and in the final stages of a decision. It is core to our future offering.”

What does this mean for prospective and current Jaguar owners? There will be all wheel drive XJs and XFs available in the next two years instead of pursuing hybrids, which Jag has decided is something that their customers are not willing to pay for yet.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoCar