Nissan teams up with Coulomb Technologies’ to setup complete public EV charging station

Prospective EV buyers and traveling EV owners should be excited by this announcement: Nissan, partnered with Coulomb Technologies, is putting the finishing touches on a public, nationwide charging network. Locations are now on the Nissan Leaf website and will be increasing in number as demand grows.

Though the Leaf is not sold in all 50 states, it is slightly surprising that 8 states are completely without this charging infrastructure and there are no plans yet in those states for charging points.

Navigate to the map and you will find WY, MT, ND, SD, NB, AK, ME and NH are all without charging points. Vermont has one charging point in Burlington, but that is the only place in Northern New England. Not to mention, the furthest north in New York you will find a charging station is Monsey (barely outside of NYC). West Virginia will be getting two stations next year (planned stations are on the map too) and for some reason, Tennessee is full of charging stations. The Leaf is available on the island of Hawai‘i (90 miles, or about the Leaf’s range is enough to take you halfway around the island), but the charging stations are only on Maui and Oahu.

Regardless, the number of stations is significant and represents a very significant portion of Leaf territory. The map is clever too, if a station is in use, it says so on the map. Not useful if someone gets there before you on a long drive, but very helpful if you are nearby. Naturally, charging stations are not limited to just those on the map. But the map does inspire some confidence, which seems to be the point as suggested by Coulomb’s CEO, Pat Romano “Nissan North America is the first automaker to seamlessly integrate with ChargePoint Network, the largest network of independently owned charging stations in the world…Current and future LEAF drivers can feel confident they have access to the most comprehensive collection of public charging stations today.”

– By: Sawyer Sutton