Nissan Juke-R revealed, testing of the model will start in late-Nov.

In the same way that Volkswagen enthusiasts rejoiced over the W12 Golf, Nissan Juke enthusiasts now have something to swoon over: Nissan has just released the first video footage and audio of the Juke-R. This is essentially a Nissan Juke with the 480 bhp heart of the GT-R plus a sprinkling of gills, diffusers and twin pentagonal exhausts.

Testing of the fully functional concept car is set to start in late-November.

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Nissan touts the Juke-R as the most testosterone-packed crossover in the world and while I almost never always lump the terms “crossover” and “masculine” in the same sentence, this car certainly isn’t very feminine. The car comes with the same 20-inch RAYS wheels as found on the GT-R, flared arches to fit them, split rear wing and though this is a seriously quick hatch, there is more Golf W12 than Fast and Furious in the styling: Nissan has done well at tastefully appointing a polarizing design.

Check out Nissan’s Official Juke-R Facebook page for more pictures.

Two versions will be tested: one right hand drive and one left hand drive; after testing, the car will go on a concept tour in similar fashion to the W12 Golf.

– By: Sawyer Sutton