2011 LA: Coda cuts prices of upcoming EV sedan, beefs up battery warranty

Coda electric vehicles are getting prices dropped and warranties extended, as Coda Holdings attempts to gain more orders for the frequently delayed release of its cars, designed just for California.

The brand had initially released a base price of $44,900 for its cars last year, and has since brought that down by $5,000, to $39,900. An industry-leading warranty has been been added as well, providing its customers with a 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty for the battery. By comparison, the electric Nissan Leaf offers an 8-year 100,000-mile warranty for its battery. Since the Coda qualifies for a California tax credit of $2,500 and a $7,500 tax credit, this brings the initial cost down to $29,900.

While Coda says that the price cut was due to advancements in technology, manufacturing and development, there is a good possibility that with production kicking off this month, the brand’s CEO was unsatisfied with the number of orders.

Murtaugh says in a statement released yesterday that with the recent changes Coda can now work towards its “mission of putting an electric vehicle in every garage.”

All Photos Copyright © Omar Rana – egmCarTech.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoObserver