Meet the new Toyota Prius C, known to Japan as the Aqua

Toyota is teasing a bunch of its Tokyo Motor Show debuts today and one of the many vehicles to debut in Japan next month will be the Toyota Aqua, which will eventually come to the United States as the Toyota Prius C.

Toyota says that the Aqua “combines the features of a compact car with a hybrid vehicle to create a car that represents the future of compact vehicles with a groundbreaking fuel efficiency of approximately 35 km/L (under the JC08 test cycle; 40 km/L under the 10-15 test cycle).” After going through a bunch translation that means the Prius C will average somewhere in the area of 50 mpg when its comes to the United States.

Power for the Toyota Aqua/Prius C comes from a lightweight hybrid system mated to a 1.5-liter engine with a high-output motor.

The Toyota Aqua will go on sale in Japan in late Dec. 2011, and will go on sale in the United States sometime next year.

Note: As of right now, Toyota has released just one image of the Aqua/Prius C that you see above.

– By: Omar Rana