Honda Small Sports EV Concept teased ahead of Tokyo debut

At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show this year, Honda’s booth will carry a theme of “What makes people feel good?”

“Honda will propose an exciting and thrilling mobility life of the future that it envisions as a company providing personal mobility to people all around the world,” the company said in a statement. “The display will include a lineup of the next-generation electromotive concept models including two-, three- and four-wheeled commuter vehicles designed for easy and fun mobility in future cities, mid-to-long distance commuters designed to enrich life and enhance the freedom and fun of mobility, and sporty models that pursue the joy of driving/riding.”

One of the most exciting vehicles on display will be the Small Sports EV Concept (tentative name). Honda said the study shows a “next-generation EV sports model which maximizes the fun of driving while achieving excellent environmental performance.”

It seems the Japanese automaker is hinting that the Small Sports EV Concept could be a new take on the Beat, a midengine 660cc sports car that was sold in Japan in the early ’90s.

More details will be announced at the show on Nov. 30.

– By: Omar Rana