Honda AC-X Plug-in Hybrid Concept can travel 620 miles

Along with the Honda Small Sports EV Concept, the Japanese automaker will show this four-door AC-X Concept. The Honda AC-X, which stands for Advanced Cruiser-X is described as “a next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle which offers a more comfortable and enjoyable time in the vehicle during all driving situations, from urban to long-distance driving. With the choices of an ‘engine drive mode’ for more aggressive driving or an ‘automatic drive mode’ for more relaxed driving, the vehicle broadens the joy of mobility.”

The Honda AC-X is a plug-in hybrid sedan powered by a 1.6 liter gasoline engine and a 120kw electric-motor. Together the system puts out a nice 127-hp.

Honda says that the AC-X Concept has a total driving range of 620 miles with fuel-economy coming in at an amazing 260 mpg (we’re not sure which cycle Honda is basing its estimates on).

– By: Omar Rana