Volvo reveals Polestar tuning software for C30, C70 and S40

Volvo C30

A new tuning package has an upcoming release of for November 14th, but its not for one of the more usual suspects for a kit.

Volvo is releasing a $1,295 kit to boost its recognition amongst enthusiasts, which will offer Polestar software on models that come with the T5 engine, including the C30, C70 and S40 models.

The tune kicks up airflow to the combustion chambers, advancing spark timing and bringing up and additional 23hp. The benefit of this kit is that it gives the owner a tuning option that doesn’t void the warranty, as aftermarket mods do.

“Our performance-oriented customers have told us they wanted a tuning option for their vehicles,” said Chris Dauerer, Volvo Cars of North America vice president of customer service.

Interesting move, but Volvo may have to come a bit harder than a 23-hp chip mod to appeal to performance enthusiasts.

– By: Alexandra Koken