Nissan Pivo 3 Concept shows a LEAF for 3 passengers, coming to Tokyo

Among the automotive sprinkles Nissan plans to bring to Tokyo the Pivo 3 concept; their idea of eco-friendly and fun motoring. In a not so PC nutshell, we are looking at a glorified golf cart a la the Smart ForTwo, G-Wiz etc with four wheel drive and three seats.

Despite all this, it is interesting and impressive in its own rite, pulling off stunts that its competitors haven’t played with as of yet: the seat layout is the same as a McLaren F1, it has a turning circle of four meters thanks to four wheel steering and a self parking feature that makes the Lexus LS system look like a fourth-grade science fair project.

This car not only packs an electric motor in each wheel, but also is its own valet, automatically parking itself after you have gotten out, thanks to a clever smartphone app. Before leaving the building, the driver can tell the car to pull up out front with their phone.

The Pivo 3 also charges itself, though Nissan have not detailed how yet. Mum’s the word also about range and powertrain details. Expect more details following its Tokyo Motor Show debut later this year.

– By: Sawyer Sutton