Report: Ferrari could be planning a special-editon Alonso 599

As the replacement for Ferrari’s 599 approaches, rumors are flying around the internet about what the final variant may be to follow up the vast number of them that have been made so far.

The outstanding speculation is that Ferrari will be making a 599 Fernando Alonso edition, in honor of the Formula One driver. It is said to be faster and lighter than any of the others, with production limited to 40 units, and scheduled for January release.

All the rumors may be the result of this video, which shows Alonso driving an F10 Tribute Edition. If this is more than just speculation, the model’s premier would be expected at the Finali Mondiali coming up this weekend, so we won’t be in suspense for too long.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: FerrariChat, Teamspeed (via AutoBlog)