PM Lifestyle Hyundai Veloster zips into SEMA with 163-hp

This year at SEMA, Hyundai is tiptoeing into the territory that used to be monopolized by Volkswagen, before VW decided they wanted to build a German Camry. With the help of their friends at PM Lifestyle and the Universal Technical Institute (UTI), the two expressed interest in expanding options for bolt-on modifications to the four/three door Hyundai Veloster hatch.

“The Veloster is the perfect platform for enthusiasts looking to make everyday modifications to their vehicles and for students who are learning what it takes to be a mechanic,” said PM Lifestyle’s Jayke Milton.

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The SEMA Veloster will be capable of 163 bhp with a variety of bolt-on upgrades. The action doesn’t stop there though. After the show, UTI will take the Veloster on a full-blown US tour visiting some 120 autocross, supercross and school demo events.

This does well to toot UTI’s horn as a mechanic school, all while promoting a fairly unique vehicle.

– By: Sawyer Sutton