BBC America to show Top Gear’s Top 40 Series in the United States

Top Gear UK Bugatti Veyron Jet Episode

Through the years, Top Gear UK American fans have been deprived of the best automotive show in the world. Our prayers have now been answered, well… sort of. BBC America is now looking to show us the best of the best of Top Gear UK following a voting session on

“You’ve narrowed it down to the most ambitious, most ridiculous auto stunts the Top Gear guys have been able to pull off… or at least made a valiant effort to do so,” BBC said in a statement. “Amphibious cars? The race across London? The best driving road? The results are in. Now, the man behind the world’s biggest car show, Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman, will lead the reveal, counting down what the fans have chosen as their…Top Gear Top 40.”

Top Gear Top 40 premieres Monday, November 28, with back-to-back premiere episodes at 8:00pm & 9:00pm ET/PT each week.

– By: Omar Rana