Nissan starts testing LEAF technology on commercial trucks

Nissan e-NT400 ATLAS Concept

Nissan is moving forward with its all-electric vehicle technology. The brand has used the same technology used in the Leaf to create three commercial trucks, which debuted at the Tokyo Truck Show this year.

The e-NT400 Cabstar Concept can travel 62 miles between charges per Japan’s JC08 fuel economy testing. It was created for operation in certain areas in Japan that have emissions restrictions that prevent the average commercial vehicle from driving through.

“We started mass-producing electric vehicles with the LEAF and now we’ve adapted the technology to an LCV using that know-how,” Hideto Murakami, corporate vice president for Nissan’s global LCV business, said today. “So far, there haven’t been any major obstacles while developing the prototype.”

A refrigerated truck is also included in the concept lineup, called the Cabstar Refrigerator Concept by Li-ion Battery. It features a high-efficiency cooling system which keeps things cool even when it is not running, and a multi-view monitor that eliminates blind spots and helps with tough maneuvers.

Last of the three is the Cabstar Power Supply Truck that runs off of the power equivalent to three Leaf batteries. The design is for use as an emergency generator that can provide hours of power for a 20-person office.

The Cabstar Refrigerator Concept is anticipating a 2012 release, but the Cabstar Power Supply truck and e-NT400 have no time frame for production, yet. Nissan has not commented on a U.S. release, although it has been mentioned that more EV’s will be released in the future.

By: Alexandra Koken