Report: BMW M’s product development is hard at work to revive Z4 M

“There are days when it hurts not to have one, but there was no compelling business case at the time when the decision was taken,” said Albert Biermann, head of product development at BMW. It seems that BMW is still considering building a consumer version of the Z4M and is interested in offering the Z4 GTS racing car in the US.

It may be an odd time for the M division because they are offering polarizing cars such as the X5M and the X6M. However, they still offer cars that hearken back to the Motorsport division’s glory days of the E30 M3 with offerings such as the 1M.

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Biermann offered this on the SUV variants: “The torsional rigidity of today’s X5 is 28,000Nm/degree, while the old E30 M3 measured 23,000, so it’s a good base for an M car.” He added that the X5M and the X6M are making money. Only time will tell if this money bankrolls a new Z4M.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Inside Line

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