Report: 2012 Ferrari California will be quicker, will lose weight

As if it weren’t quick enough, Ferrari will make a very successful car even quicker: the 2012 California will pick up 30 bhp, lose 66 pounds, 10 more gb on the internal hard drive and will have a 50 percent quicker suspension response rate, should one choose the new handling package. The biggest point though may not have anything to do with the new upgrades: 80 of California buyers are new to Ferrari.

Ferrari seem to have seriously outdone themselves on the California: a car weighing nearly two tons (3,758 lbs) now gets to 60 in under four seconds thanks to a high revving 4.3 liter V8 and a dual-clutch seven-speed transmission, which by the way is the only transmission offered.

Dampers have been upgraded too, response time is 5 ms and time between soft rebound and hard is only 8 ms. Naturally Ferrari claims better roll control and sharper steering.

On the electronics side of things, the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy sync seamlessly with the car and the ECU will allow the car to run on both 93 and 91 octane, though the power output is reduced a bit on 91. Prices for the 2011 start at $237,000, so expect that to go up next model year.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: CAR